Why I prefer stupid pop music

This is Ke$ha. Unless you’ve been living under a pop culture rock for the last few months, you’ve probably at least heard of her, if not been unable to escape Tik Tok, her ludicrously catchy single that’s apparently taken America by storm (seriously, whenever I was in the car, listening to pop radio over Christmas, I couldn’t not hear that song). Now, I’m a lady of pretty good taste, at least I think so. Why, then, am I so enamored with this Ke$ha? I mean, she has a dollar sign in her name, for god’s sake. She’s everything I should hate about pop music. And yet, I don’t.

I think it’s her unbridled goofiness that’s really endeared her to my heart. I am admittedly a sucker for songs about partying really hard, and Tik Tok is all about let’s go out tonight wooo and getting drunk and boys love me, but it’s all so tongue in cheek. “Tonight I’ma fight til we see the sunlight”? This girl has never been in a fight in her life. “Errbody getting crunk” couldn’t be said in more of a (purposefully) goofy white-girl voice. Yet somehow, it works. It’s a sort of pastiche of motifs in modern pop music, but still incredibly enjoyable. Ke$ha doesn’t take herself seriously, at all. That’s refreshing in pop music right now.

Or maybe I like Ke$ha so much because she’s kind of the anti-Lady Gaga. I’ve seen the two compared a lot on the internet, but I don’t really see how much they have in common except vaguely similar generic dance-pop songs. The difference is that Ke$ha seems to be having much more fun doing it, and is someone I might actually want to go to a party with.

She doesn’t have much cultural currency, she certainly won’t stick around for very long, but I’m enjoying the Ke$ha wave while it lasts. I am all in favor of silliness in the public sphere.


2 responses to “Why I prefer stupid pop music

  1. I’d been rocking out to “tik tock” for weeks before I found out (on NPR, no less) that THIS was the Kei$ha everyone was dying over.

    I hate her, but bitch is catchy.

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