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The continued plight of the Green Bay Packers fan


The 2010 Project

I plan on documenting most, if not all, the movies I watch in 2010, hopefully eliciting thoughtful responses on my part (and yours, dear reader) about what I watch and what it all means. It’ll be exciting, I promise! Of course, I’ll also be writing about whatever else tickles my fancy, probably food/fashion/music related. So, welcome to the (re)birth of Live Fast, Die Old! Stay a while, won’t you?

one of the best host segments ever.

Tom Servo: I’m walking for Helping Children Through Research and Development.
Mike Nelson: Oh – HEPTRAD – I think I’ve heard of that group.
Tom Servo: No, actually, Helping Children Though Research and Development is the acronym. It stands for ‘Hi Everyone, Let’s Pitch In ‘N Get Cracking Here In Louisiana Doing Right, Eh? Now Then. Hateful Rich Overbearing Ugly Guys Hurt Royally Everytime Someone Eats A Radish, Carrot, Hors-d’ouvres, And Never Does Dishes. Eventually Victor Eats Lunch Over Peoria Mit Ein Nauesburger Tog.’

letterpress? at home??


Once upon a time, I worked at an adorable, wonderful paper store. It was there that I fell in love with letterpressed goods, like anyone who has spent a good amount of time around fancy paper will agree. They just…feel good. And look good. And make other people feel good. Letterpressed wedding invitations can be so beautiful and expensive that they just break my heart.

Not anymore!

I got an email from Paper Source (one of my favorite stores, based out of Chicago, and always perfectly pleasant with wholesale orders, as well) today, with the amazing news that they are offering a home letterpress machine! And at only $150, it’s remarkably affordable (well, relatively). Once I save a little bit, everyone I know is getting adorable, hand-letterpressed cards.

in defense of january jones

or; why all the hate?

this article is stupid. really, really stupid. but it’s a good representation of an internet phenomenon that’s been bugging me for a while now: january jones hate.

the worst part of mad men? seriously, gawker? i mean, that is like saying the worst part of the best thing ever, so it’s not so bad, but i cannot understand people who think january jones is a bad actress (at least, as betty). betty was, by and large, my favorite character on mad men this season. she was trapped with a man she despised by a baby she regrets (and then named after her dead father, with whom she had a complicated, to say the least, relationship), only to find out that her husband wasn’t even the man she hated. he was something worse: a lie.

so yes, betty is annoying (especially in those last few episodes). yes, she can be a terrible mother (especially in that last episode, but hey, is don really any better? answer: no). yes, she is an ice queen. but that doesn’t make january jones a bad actress. she made betty a real person, not just a housewife, but an anthropology major who has this life in the suburbs she never imagined. or wanted, even if she thought she did. so, worst part of mad men? not by a long shot, haters.

and fine, this weekend’s snl was, well, pretty bad, but how in god’s name is that january’s fault? you can only do so much with a sketch in which you play a gassy grace kelly. she was nervous, but adorably so, and her performance got much better as the show went on. the cloud-watching sketch was actually very funny.

plus, there’s this:

this is a test post.